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Project Description

Educational and productive workshop for theater costumes

MDC’s Labs are a training experience related to real production that proposes learning as a close relationship between the master (the Costume Designer) and the student, on the model of the historic Tuscan workshop. After Costumes for Faust, the renewed collaboration between Manifatture Digitali Cinema and Fondazione Teatro Metastasio has given life to Costumes for Antigone, an educational and productive costume workshop for the theater show directed by Massimiliano Civica Antigone (national debut at the Fabbricone Theater in Prato on November 28, 2019).

From the sketch to the costume, up to the test and adaptation on stage

In Costumes per Faust, the workshop created together with Fondazione Teatro Metastasio between March and May 2019, the participants were protagonists in the creation of costumes for the opera Scenes from Faust, by Federico Tiezzi (which premiered at the Fabbricone on 11 May 2019). Costumes for Antigone was born from the renewed partnership between MDC Prato and Fondazione Teatro Metastasio and has offered the 5 selected the opportunity to be part of the production of costumes for the Antigone theater show, directed by Massimiliano Civica and the costumes by Daniela Salernitano, which debuted at the Theater Fabbricone of Prato in November 28, 2019. The artistic direction of the Lab was entrusted to Daniela Salernitano, David di Donatello Prize as Costume Designer in 2018 with Ammore e Malavita, which has been joined by the assistant Nicoletta Toma.


The participants of Costumes for Antigone have made about 10 costumes and about 5 accessories.

View the gallery of Costumes for Antigone:

Massimilian Civica’s Antigone

Massimiliano Civica translates and readjusts Sophocles’ Antigone highlighting his shocking and very current message: Antigone and Creon have the same fault of believing themselves exceptional, better than all others for intelligence and human quality, their tragic destiny is established by their character superb and the inability to listen to the reasons of others. It is precisely the character of the people who play a public role that is a matter of tremendous political relevance and community interest because it is the arrogance of political leaders that causes damage to the common good.

Duration: approximately 14 days
Calendar: 30 October-16 November 2019 for all 4 participants 18-27 November 2019 for only one of the participants
Inscriptions: by notice
Venue: Digital Manufactures Cinema Prato, via Dolce de ’Mazzamuti, 1 – 59100 Prato
+ Teatro di Castiglioncello in the final two days (15 and 16 November 2019)
Costs: Free
Partner: Fondazione Teatro Metastasio

Workshop Info