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Project Description

Educational and productive workshop for theater costumes

Our Workshops are a training experience connected to real production that proposes learning as a close relationship between the master (the Costume Designer) and the student, on the model of the historic Tuscan workshop. In 2018, it was developed at MDC Prato the Workshop Renaissance Costumes, in which the participants contributed to the creation of the costumes and accessories of the third season of the TV series Medici – Masters of Florence. 2019 opened with Costumes for Faust, an educational and productive Workshop for Theater costumes.

From the sketch to the costume, up to the test and adaptation on stage

In Costumes for Faust, which MDC Prato organized in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Metastasio, the 6 selected people were the protagonists of the central phase of production (the realization from the sketch to the costume, up to the trial and adaptation on stage) of the costumes of the opera Scene from Faust by Federico Tiezzi, which premiered at the Teatro Fabbricone in Prato on May 11 2019, and will be on an Italian tour in the theatrical season 2019/2020. The creative director was Gregorio Zurla, the Costume Designer of Scenes from Faust, assisted by Bianca Vannucci. The experienced taylor Silvia Salvaggio, managed the laboratiry.


During the Workshop, more than 40 garments were made: an extraordinary result.

View the gallery of the Workshop:

Duration: approximately 30 days
(+15 extra days for four participants)
Introduction and Laboratory: end of March 2019 – end of April 2019
Extras for four participants: beginning of May 2019 – mid-May 2019
Registrations: by call
Manifatture Digitali Cinema Prato (Dolce de’ Mazzamuti, 1, Street – Prato, Italy)
Costs: free
Partner: Fondazione Teatro Metastasio

Workshop Info