“Renaissance Costumes 2”. The Notice for the new Workshop made by MDC Prato and Lux Vide is online

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“Renaissance Costumes 2”. The Notice for the new Workshop made by MDC Prato and Lux Vide is online

After Renaissance Costumes, Manifatture Digitali Cinema Prato renews its partnership with the prestigious international production company Lux Vide SpA, for a new Workshop: Renaissance Costumes 2 – Leonardo’s Times.

In Renaissance Costumes 2 – Leonardo’s Times, conducted once again by the award-winning Costume Designer Alessandro Lai, the participants will make part of the clothes and accessories that will be used on the set of the new fiction by Lux Vide SpA dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci!


We select 30 participants, Italian and foreign, with creative ability and/or manufacturing experience in the field of Tailoring and Costume Design. Specifically, we look for:

  • 7 tailors;
  • 3 pattern makers for men’s clothing;
  • 3 pattern makers for women’s clothing;
  • 4 costume designer assistants;
  • 3 dyers;
  • 2 goldsmith craftsmen;
  • 3 hatmakers and glove makers;
  • 5 leather craftsmen.

To apply, you need to send the following documents to info@manifatturedigitalicinema.it:

  • Application for participation (Annex A);
  • Declaration clearly attesting titles and experiences (Annex B);
  • Portfolio or photographs of own works;
  • Short video (3 minutes maximum) in Italian or English to explain your experience and motivation to participate and, if possible, show your own artifact (no matter the quality of the video). If the candidate has already participated in the previous Renaissance Costumes Workshop, the video is not mandatory;
  • Copy of the identity document;
  • For non-EU foreign candidates: copy of valid residence permit or request receipt.

Renaissance Costumes 2 – Leonardo’s Times is a learning, design and production of costumes and accessories for unique and complete audiovisual production experience, that could increase job opportunities in the sector.

Visit the page and browse the gallery of the previous Workshop organized by MDC Prato and Lux ​​Vide S.p.A., Renaissance Costumes, to get an idea: click here!

We also inform you that…

The Fabric of Dreams

In January 2020, MDC Prato will start the Master The Fabric of Dreams (initially scheduled for September 2019), led by the internationally renowned Costume Designers Gabriella Pescucci, Carlo Poggioli and Alessandro Lai. Those who will be selected at Renaissance Costumes 2 – Leonardo’s Times, if they wanted to participate to The Fabric of Dreams, would have a 10% discount on the cost of the Master. For all the info on the Master: www.thefabricofdreams.it.

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