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Manifatture Digitali Cinema Prato’s Cineport


MDC Prato is situated in the ancient Convent of Santa Caterina (Dolce de’ Mazzamuti n.1, Street) and consists of:

  • Three production offices for temporary use, furnished and equipped with a high-speed Internet connection and telephone lines;
  • Casting room with waiting room;
  • Hair and make-up room;
  • Costumes room, equipped with dressing rooms with services and showers;
  • Projection room with 30 seats and a Full HD screen and technical equipment.

Take a look at the gallery of MDC Prato’s spaces:

Since February 2021, MDC Prato (entrance: Santa Caterina n.11, Street) is also equipped with:

  • Multifunctional hall of 240 square meters (90 seats) that can host live streaming and tv events, tv and web formats, small movie sets;
  • External courtyard of 700 square meters.

Take a look at the gallery of the MDC Prato’s spaces inaugurated in February 2021:

Planimetry of the spaces

The Toscana Film Commission promotes and handles the use of the Manifatture Digitali Cinema Prato cineport spaces and responds to requests in a timely manner, evaluating multiple criteria, among which the type of production, spending budget in Tuscany, compatibility with the schedule of occupancy of spaces. Expenses linked to the use of cineport spaces are refundable.

For all the TFC services, you can consult the website: