Contribute to the creation of an audiovisual product

The Workshops held at Manifatture Digitali Cinema are called Highly Specialised Workshops. They decline the productive vocations of the cities involved, Prato and Pisa, towards the cinema and audiovisual professions.

At the Highly Specialised Workshops you learn by doing. They put people frequenting them into direct contact with the world of production, taking inspiration from the Renaissance workshop model, in which aspiring artisans or artists learned by working alongside the masters.

MDC Prato has two tailoring laboratories. His workshops are mainly in Costume Design (creation of costumes and accessories for films, TV series, theatrical shows). Since 2019, it also has a space dedicated to 2D / 3D Animation, with the technical equipment necessary to make films, TV series, courses.

MDC Pisa makes use of equipped classrooms to host laboratories based on new technologies and forms of narration (interactive documentaries, augmented reality, gaming, animation). His workshops are mainly in Digital Storytelling.

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The Workshops and the Masters of MDC

The workshop’s spaces of MDC Prato and MDC Pisa

MDC Prato



MDC Pisa