“Showrunner Lab.”: from Panorama Films S.r.l. a scholarship and an internship experience

Panorama Films S.r.l. by Marco Valerio Pugini and Ute Leonhardt, one of the main Italian production and audiovisual services companies for films, TV series, commercials and photo shoots – protagonist of important international film co-productions – joins the Showrunner Lab. project, offering a scholarship, for one candidate, covering 50% of the laboratory registration fee. Panorama Films has also given its willingness to welcome an internship at its company at the end of the course.
Therefore, it’s widening the range of opportunities and bonuses for those who register and for those who attend the Showrunner Lab., the first Italian specialization laboratory that prepare people for the profession of the Showrunner – the key figure of the TV series, still little considered in the audiovisual system of Italy -, an innovative and unparalleled project, developed by Fondazione Sistema Toscana, Tuscany Film Commission, Manifatture Digitali Cinema, in collaboration with Good Girls Planet & ITTV Forum & Festival of Los Angeles and PIN – University Center of Prato.

Let’s recall, below, the list of bonuses and opportunities , with the important update of Panorama Films S.r.l. :

  • Tuscany Film Commission will bear 50% of the registration fees of a maximum of three participants resident in Tuscany, indicated to the Film Commission by the Selection Committee;
  • Veneto Film Commission will bear 50% of the registration fees of a maximum of three participants resident in Veneto, indicated to the Film Commission by the Selection Committee;
  • Panorama Films S.r.l. will bear 50% of one candidate’s enrollment costs;
  • Panorama Films S.r.l. will host a trainee at its own company at the end of the workshop;
  • Direct access and free pre-registration to all 2022 annual courses of the Griffith Academy in Rome for those who will attend the course;
  • An access to a scholarship, of € 1,000.00, for one participant, for the annual Production Course 2022 (enrollments by the end of July 2022) of the Griffith Academy in Rome;
  • For the participants, internships and training experiences in national and international companies in the audiovisual sector will be identified;
  • It will be possible to participate in pitching sessions of the two ideas selected by the Scientific Committee and developed during the writers’ room of the laboratory.

APPLY TO THE SHOWRUNNER LAB. : THE NOTICE EXPIRES MARCH 9, 2022! https://bit.ly/ShowrunnerLab_Eng


Panorama Films Logo

Panorama Films S.r.l. is an audiovisual production and services company leaded by Marco Valerio Pugini and Ute Leonhardt, which, in over 20 years of activity, has supervised more than 50 feature films and TV dramas, for giants such as Disney, Universal, Warner Bros., HBO, Dreamworks, CBS and Paramount. In recent years, Panorama Films has been involved in over 125 commercials, for major clients such as American Express and Volvo. Among the magazines for which he has organized photo shoots, there are internationally renowned publications such as Elle and Marie Claire. In the list of TV series and films on which Panorama has worked, there are titles of the caliber of Eat Pray Love, The Island, Angels and Demons, Inferno, Zoolander 2, John Wick 2, Angels in America, The Sopranos. CEO Marco Valerio Pugini has been the co-executive producer on Rome series for HBO and BBC and executive produced Spike Lee’s Miracle at St.Anna.


Showrunner Lab. is an unprecedented project in the panorama of specialization courses in the Italian audiovisual professions. Hurry to sign up! Do it here: Showrunner Lab. – Info and How to apply. You have little time left!