EURODOC 2018. Manifatture Digitali Cinema Prato hosted the second session

From the 4th to the 8th of June 2018, Manifatture Digitali Cinema Prato was the venue for the second session of EURODOC 2018, the training program for documentary professionals aimed at independent producers and project directors with potential international co-productions.

The Eurodoc participants came from all over the world, from Argentina to South Korea, from France to Canada, passing through Morocco and Ukraine. Here is the complete list:

  • Nicolás Alonso (Argentina);
  • Claire Babany (Francia);
  • Olga Beskhmelnytsina (Ucraina);
  • Isidore Bethel (Francia);
  • Asmae Elmoudir (Marocco);
  • Emmanuelle Jacq (Francia);
  • Margot Mecca (Italia);
  • Tomáš Michálek (Repubblica Ceca);
  • Eugénie Michel-Villette (Francia);
  • Lucie Rego (Francia);
  • Katerina Traburová (Repubblica Ceca);
  • Svetla Turnin (Bulgaria);
  • Sylvie Van Brabant (Canada);
  • Beth Allan (Regno Unito);
  • Cristina Ceausu (Romania);
  • Gianluca De Angelis (Italia);
  • Federico Delpero Bejar (Argentina);
  • Boris Despodov (Bulgaria);
  • Magalie Dierick (Belgio);
  • Alejandro Enriquez (Spagna);
  • Gudmundur Gunnarsson (Norvegia);
  • Beppe Leonetti (Italia);
  • Vincent Metzinger (Belgio);
  • Heejung Oh (Corea del Sud);
  • Franziska Sonder (Svizzera);
  • Laurence Ubersfeld (Francia).

Together with the group of international producers, a select group of Italian professionals participated in an intensive session of workshop, under the guidance of producer Paolo Benzi (OKTA FILM). The group was composed by:

  • Armando Andria (LADOC);
  • Leonardo Baraldi (Shicchera Production);
  • Fabiana Basalmo (Quasar Multimedia);
  • Cristiana Cerrini (Argo Film);
  • Angelica Gallo (Angelika Film Production);
  • Joana Ginori (Maiora Film);
  • Stefano Martone (Audioimage);
  • Enrico Pacciani (Alkermes);
  • Eugenio Pizzorno;
  • Isabella Rinaldi (Nucut Collective);
  • Tommaso Santi (Love Srls);
  • Antonio Tozzi (Yanez Film).

The work at Eurodoc took place in a plenary session, in groups and for one-to-one interviews.

For almost 20 years EURODOC has encouraged the meeting, creativity and exchange of ideas among the most active personalities in the documentary sector, with training sessions on the fundamental phases of the production process: from the acquisition of rights to budgeting, from the creation of the trailer to the preparation of pitching, from market analysis to the drafting of co-production agreements, up to the promotion and distribution of work.

EURODOC is divided into three sessions, each lasting 7 days, in three European Union countries. Thanks to the support of Fondazione Sistema Toscana, which collaborates in the organization of the event, Manifatture Digitali Cinema Prato was chosen as the venue for the second session of this year’s edition.

View the Eurodoc 2018 gallery at Manifatture Digitali Cinema Prato:

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