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Project Description

Costumes and accessories production workshop for audiovisual production

The importance of costumes is huge in audiovisual productions, particularly if they are historical and fantasy. Their beauty, highlighted in many cases with prestigious awards, is the result of historical and technological research, creativity, knowledge of manufacturing production, taste for experimentation.

Design and create costumes, vestments and accessories in Renaissance style

Designing and creating costumes, vestments and accessories in Renaissance style was the program of the Renaissance Costumes Workshop, that MDC developed in partnership with Lux Vide Spa, a prestigious audiovisual production company.

The ambitious goal of the Workshop was to create part of the wardrobe of the characters of the third season of “Medici – Masters of Florence”, the successful TV series produced by Lux Vide Spa. Under the guidance of the award-winning Costume Designer Alessandro Lai and his assistant Piero Risani and professional experts, the participants had to learn how use their knowledge and manufacturing skills according to the cinematographic and television dream. Among the guests of the Shop, the Oscar-winning Costume Designer Gabriella Pescucci and the Costume Designer President of the Italian Association of Scenographers, Costume Designers and Interior Designers Carlo Poggioli.


Thirty-one people, including tailors, costume design assistants, male/female modelers, dyers, goldsmiths, hat makers and leather artisans, have made together about 300 pieces of clothing, 100 hats, about 60 bags and 60 belts, about 115 jewels and 12 pairs of shoes.

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Duration: 11 weeks
Calendar: 17 January 2018 – 29 March 2018
Registrations: by call
Manifatture Digitali Cinema Prato (Dolce de’ Mazzamuti, 1, Street – Prato, Italy)
Costs: free
Partner: Lux Vide SpA

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